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AliExpress Dropshipping with Modalyst
How to place a Modalyst Order on AliExpress
How to place a Modalyst Order on AliExpress

It is fast and easy to sync your AliExpress order with your store

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Congrats! You have started getting orders for your store. For items which were sourced through AliExpress, it is fast and easy to sync your order.

When a customer places an order on your store, it will automatically sync with Modalyst. You will see these orders under Orders.

Before you sync the order, make sure that you have the right shipping method selected. The shipping method is preselected from the initial selection that you made in the Import List. You can learn more about how to select your shipping method here. If you want to adjust the shipping method in the order direectly, you can click on the icon below the shipping method selected to change it to a different one.

To sync the order to AliExpress, click the button Sync to AliExpress. This will automatically sync the order with AliExpress, including the item, variant, shipping method, and customer details.

When you push Sync To AliExpress, we will show you that the order is syncing to your account. You can go ahead and push the Sync to AliExpress button for many orders at the same time. You don't need to wait for the order to complete syncing before syncing another order.

Once the order is synced, the button will change to Pay on AliExpress. Click on this button to be redirected to AliExpress so you can complete the order. At this point, the order already has an AliExpress Order Number, which was created automatically when we synced the order to your AliExpress account.

You will then be redirected to AliExpress for this order to be paid for and prepared by the supplier to send to your customer. All AliExpress orders must be paid for on AliExpress. Orders which include multiple items from the same supplier will be bundled together.

Please note that the total cost may be different from the total in AliExpress because of the following:

  • Shipping fees are based on the shipping method which you selected in the Import List and may change slightly over time

  • Shipping fees may vary with multiple items in an order from the same supplier

  • Shipping fees vary according to the country of your customer

  • AliExpress does not give us tax data - they will be applied to your order on AliExpress

  • Prices on Modalyst are rounded - you are responsible for the listed cost on AliExpress

Once paid for, your order will be marked as "Payment being verified" in AliExpress. Once AliExpress has verified the payment, it will automatically sync to Modalyst as Paid & Pending Fulfillment. The product will then be listed in AliExpress as "Awaiting Shipment."

Next, the supplier will fulfill the order. AliExpress will notify you when it has been sent. We will then automatically sync the courier and tracking number to Modalyst and your store, and mark the order as Fulfilled in Modalyst. You do not need to add the courier and tracking number manually, we sync them for you.

As a default setting, this will also automatically notify your customer that the order is on its way!


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