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AliExpress Dropshipping with Modalyst
Which shipping method is selected when I sync an order with AliExpress?
Which shipping method is selected when I sync an order with AliExpress?

You select your preferred shipping method in the Import List

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Modalyst requires that a shipping method is selected when you add a product to your store. We use the shipping method selected in the Import List to sync your orders with AliExpress after a customer buys it. 

When you add an item from AliExpress to Modalyst through our Chrome Extension, we do the following:

  • Shipping is calculated based on your location

  • We automatically add the cheapest shipping rate with the fastest delivery time

Changing the Shipping Method in the Import List

The shipping method can be edited in the Import List under the Pricing Tab. Click on the blue text and you can then select your preferred shipping method.

Select your preferred shipping method.

You can now see the shipping method selected on the Pricing Tab inputs under Shipping, including the shipping price.

This is the shipping method which will be used for all orders which you receive for this item to this country. 

Changing the shipping method within the order

You can also change the shipping method of an order after you have received it in Modalyst, and before you have synced it with AliExpress. Click on the icon beside the shipping price below Shipping within the order.

A pop-up will appear with all of the shipping options from China to your destination country.

If you update the shipping method, this will be the one which is selected when you sync the order to AliExpress.

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