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How to set up my Modalyst account
How to set up my Modalyst account

Setting up your account using our new onboarding widget

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There are 4 steps to properly set up your account on Modalyst. As you finish each step, we indicate that it has been completed.

Connect your store

You can connect your store directly from the Wix or Shopify App Marketplaces.

You can also connect your store directly on your Modalyst account.

Click on the Connect your store link in orange. Then follow the instructions on the page to enter the correct URL to install your store on Modalyst. Click Install.

You will then see that this step is indicated as completed.

**You can also expand and collapse this onboarding section at any time by clicking on the arrow on the right.**

Adjust your Pricing Rules 

The Pricing Rules define a markup of your items and help you control your margins. You can have different markups per inventory source (name brands, indie brands, trendy items, AliExpress). 

You can also select to add the cost of shipping into the price of the item. This gives you the chance to offer free shipping while the cost of shipping is paid for by the customer as the product price. Don’t forget to save your settings.

After you have saved your Pricing Rules, go back to FIND PRODUCTS to complete the rest of the steps to set up your store.

Find products to sell

There are 2 ways to find products to sell. 

  1. You can add products through our Modalyst Marketplace, or 

  2. You can add products from AliExpress. 

To add products from Modalyst, simply go to FIND PRODUCTS and filter down to any kind of product which you would like. The Modalyst marketplace is filled with thousands of indie suppliers, as well as millions of the bestselling products from AliExpress. 

Simply click on a product and add it to your Import List to start collecting an awesome selection of products for your store. 

To set up your AliExpress account, follow the steps outlined in this article. [article to be added / created]

Adjust and sync products

The last step to completing your account is the fun part - adding products to your store.

Go to the Import List.

There you can edit all the product details such as the title, description, and variant name. Once you are ready, click on the button to add it to your store.

Once you refresh the page, you will see this item in your Sync List.

Go visit your store and you will see it there under Products! 

You have now completed all the steps to install Modalyst and sync items to your store. 

If you want to remove this onboarding section, you can click on the “Mark as Done” button and it will be removed.

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