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How do I process an order for Brazil?
How do I process an order for Brazil?

You must have a CPF code to process orders for Brazil

Updated over a week ago

A CPF code is required for all orders sent to Brazil. At this time, we do not sync the CPF code to Modalyst - but don’t worry, it’s coming! 

In the meantime, all AliExpress orders can be entered into AliExpress manually. Once you have placed the order in AliExpress, you will have an AliExpress Order ID. 

Simply click on the “Mark as ordered” link within the order under Pending Payment.

This will open a pop-up where you can add the AliExpress Order ID:

If you have already paid for the order, click the box Mark as Paid. This will add the AliExpress Order ID to your order and move the order to the Paid section. 

This also syncs the order with Modalyst and AliExpress. When the AliExpress supplier fulfills the order, we will sync the tracking number and courier with your account and your store.

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