Paying for a CBD Order

How to pay for an order with our CBD partner

Updated over a week ago

Modalyst offers over 4,000 products through our CBD partnership. At the moment, all purchases for products from this partnership must take place on our partner's website, directly. We have automated this process to make the payment process fast and easy.

When you receive an order from your customer, the order will land in Modalyst under Open Orders. Make sure that your filter is set to the right date.

Once you are ready to pay for the order, click on "Pay for Order." We will inform you that you are going to be redirected. You can click on the checkbox so you are not notified again for each order.

You can now pay for your CBD order. We have pre-populated the order with your customer information. Add your email or phone number to the order and click on "Continue to payment."

Once you have paid for the order, it will be marked as paid in Modalyst. Our CBD partner will then prepare and ship the order.

Once your order has shipped, the tracking number will be automatically added to Modalyst and synced to your store. The order will also be marked as Fulfilled.

Your store will then automatically send an email to your customer that the order has been fulfilled and include the tracking information.

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