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How to process a return on AliExpress
How to process a return on AliExpress

AliExpress Returns

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Here are the steps to process a return on AliExpress:

1. Your customer request to return an item purchased on your storefront.

2. Once you approve your customer's request, you contact the supplier on AliExpress. Ask the supplier for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and state whether you'd like to exchange the item or receive a refund for the item.

3. Next, send to your customer the RMA number and the return mailing address. Instruct your customer to ship the item back to you or directly to the Supplier.

*Please remind your customer to purchase a tracking number if they plan to return the item directly to the Supplier. If it's your first time managing a return from your customer, we suggest you get involved directly and have the item sent to you.

4. If you’ve received the product, analyze the product for the damage, defect or other reasons (as applicable), take pictures (for proof) and ship it to your supplier. However, if the supplier is directly receiving the product, keep in touch with them.

Verify when they have received the product and initiated a replacement for the item or processed the refund you requested.

Tip: Be polite with your supplier. Remember, your supplier is also your partner in the dropshipping business and being rude to them will not make your customer happy. Always show respect to your supplier when dealing with returns.

5. The Supplier initiates the return or the refund.

6. Your customer receives the replacement item or you receive the refunded amount.

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