How to track the order status on Modalyst

This is an article on how to track your orders on Modalyst.

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When your order is shipped by a supplier, you will be notified via email by the Supplier. The email will include a link the shipping and tracking information for your order, as well as a link to the order itself. 

The link to the order will direct you to the Orders section in your Modalyst account..

To review the fulfillment status of your order on Modalyst, please follow the steps below.

Go to Orders Section in your Modalyst account and filter it for Fulfilled orders.

Make sure that the date filter is set for the date of the order.

Under Shipment details, the Courier and Tracking can be confirmed.

For Modalyst Orders of Independent Suppliers, the estimated shipping time will also be listed.

For AliExpress Orders, visit the order in AliExpress and click on the tracking button to get more details on the shipping tracking status for the estimated arrival of the order.

Please note: Once an order is dispatched, the delivery status will be available through the Courier. It is the responsibility of the merchant to check on the status by visiting the Courier's website.

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