How shipping on Modalyst works

This is an article on how shipping costs and shipping rates work on the Modalyst platform.

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Understanding the shipping costs on Modalyst

The shipping cost of a product on Modalyst is defined by the Suppliers themselves, and is based on the location of your store and where the products ship from. Where the products ship from is also defined by the Supplier based on their warehousing relationships.

Please note: The shipping cost for your customer will likely vary if your customer is in a different location from that of your store. 

Where can you find shipping information for a product?
You can find shipping information in any of the following sections on Modalyst:

  • In the Search Results on the Marketplace

  • In the item detail page for a specific item you click on

In the Search Results & Filters

You can filter products in the Modalyst Marketplace to find products which work with your shipping strategy.

You can filter down to see your favorite suppliers. The most popular options are to filter by shipping speed and locations.

On the Product Card within the Modalyst Marketplace

Within the Modalyst Marketplace, each product lists various information such as the price, the Retail Price based on your Pricing Rules, the Shipping Cost and the expected shipping time for the product to arrive at your customer's door.

You can also select the country which you want to ship to and the pricing will change according to that country on the Product Card. This rate is the cost of shipping from the location of the inventory to the selected country.

In the Shipping sections of Item Detail page

Once you are on the Product Detail Page, we show the shipping costs in various places.

We also have a shipping section within the Product Page which outline all of the shipping rates from the supplier to various locations throughout the world.

Do the shipping costs on Modalyst get synced to your store?

When you add products to your store, the shipping cost of each product will NOT sync to your store along with the other product data. 

Your shipping rate strategy on your store is separate from the shipping costs on Modalyst.

However, you can add the cost of shipping to the price of the product directly on Modalyst through the Pricing Rules, which enables you to offer free shipping to your customers without impacting margins.

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