You can cancel an order directly in your Modalyst account at any point BEFORE you take the steps to process the order on Modalyst.

However, if you decide to cancel an order AFTER the order is processed, we cannot guarantee that the order can be canceled. 

Please note: we can honor cancelations only if the Supplier is notified by you before the order is shipped to your customer.

To cancel an order directly on Modalyst before you process the order, please click Cancel Order. 

To cancel an order AFTER you already processed the order, please take the following steps.

  1. Send a cancellation request to the Supplier (supplier email is provided in your Orders section)
  2. Provide the order number and item name
  3. State the reason for the cancellation
  4. Notify the Modalyst team that you sent a request to the Supplier to cancel your order

Once submitted, the Modalyst will review your case and follow up with the Supplier. If the Supplier is able to cancel the order, you will receive an email confirmation from the Supplier and Modalyst confirming this event.

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