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In order to upgrade my account on Modalyst, please take the following steps:

  1. Click "Manage Your Plan" under the "Hi, [User]" top header menu

  2. Click "Get Started" to select the plan you want to join

  3. Provide your billing information and click "Submit"

Click Manage Your Plan

Log into your Modalyst account and hover over "Hi, [User]" in the top header

Click "Get Started" on the plan you want to join

We have three different plans to choose from: Hobby, Start-Up, and Pro.  These plans have monthly and yearly payment schedules. 

  • Monthly plans are billed once per month.

  • Yearly plans are billed once per year. 

Please note: The Yearly plans include up to 25% savings on the effective monthly cost of membership. 

Monthly Plans

Yearly Plans
Yearly plans are billed upfront. For example, the Start-up Yearly Plan is $360 ($30 x 12 months). Similarly, the Pro Plan is $804 ($67 x 12 months).

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