When you receive an order on Modalyst, you will be paid by the retailer via Paypal. This payment will include the Item cost plus shipping. Modalyst will then extract the transaction fees associated with that order. 

When looking at your Paypal account you will notice that the amount extracted for the transaction fees are greater than 5% (which is the fee associated with suppliers). That is because Modalyst also extracts, at the same time, the transaction fee charged to the Retailer's account. 

The way it works is this:

  1. When an order is paid for on Modalyst, the Retailer will pay you your Item Cost, plus the transaction fee associated with their account (2% or 5%), plus the shipping cost.

  2. When it reaches your Paypal account, Modalyst will then extract 5% plus the service fee associated with the Retailer account (2% or 5%). 

Here is an example using a Retailer who owes a 2% service fee.

Product's Retail Price = $100
Shipping = $2.50

The Supplier is owed the following:
Item cost = $60
Shipping = $2.50
minus the Modalyst Service Fee of 5% of Retail Price = $5
TOTAL = $57.50

In your Paypal account, you will see the Retailer paid you:

Item cost = $60
Shipping = $2.50
Retailer Service Fee of 2% of Retail Price = $2
TOTAL = $64.50

Modalyst will then extract 7% (5% Supplier fee plus 2% Retailer fee) which equals $7.

$64.50 - $7 = $57.50

The Supplier nets $57.50 which is what you are owed as stated above.

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