How am I paid for Dropshipping orders?
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When a retailer receives an order from their customer, they must next pay their supplier for the product. The supplier then prepares the order and sends it directly to the retailer's customer.

Here are the steps which are taken for an order to be received, paid for, and fulfilled.


An order which has been received by a retailer will be automatically synced to Modalyst. The stage before the retailer has paid for the order is called "Unpaid" on Modalyst. In this filter, you can find all of the orders which you have received, but have not yet been paid for by the retailer.

If there are any errors to the order, it will be noted here. Those errors need to be fixed by the retailer before the order can be paid.

We keep all orders synced for 90 days. If an order is older than 90 days, we no longer display them in this section, however if a retailer then pays for the order, it will appear in the Paid &Pending Fulfillment filter.

Paid & Pending Fulfillment

Once an order is paid for, it will appear in the filter "Paid & pending fulfillment." You will receive payment directly into your Paypal account. Each order is paid directly to the supplier as the payment is made. This means that you do not need to wait weeks or a month for you to receive a payment for the products ordered. As the payment is made directly from the retailer to the supplier, the retailer's information will appear in Paypal. You can find the Paypal ID number in Modalyst to help you identify the order in Paypal.

Within Paypal, the payment for an order will include the following:

  • the listed Cost of the product(s) on Modalyst

  • shipping

  • any additional shipping cost for more than 1 item in an order

Modalyst is free for suppliers to join our marketplace, with a 5% commission on transactions. We automatically reduce the 5% from your payout. The 5% is not applied to shipping fees.

Please note that via Paypal, you will see a transaction for your payment, and then another one for Modalyst's payment. You can learn more about the payout here, which walks you through how Paypal structures its payments to you and to Modalyst.

If you have are using our Shopify App for Suppliers or our Supplier API, all paid orders are synced to your inventory management system. The inventory is reduced only after an order has been paid for.

All accounts connected through the Shopify App or API will sync the courier + tracking info to your Modalyst account automatically.

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