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How to cancel your subscription
How to cancel your subscription

cancel subscription, cancel membership, cancel plan

Updated over a week ago

To cancel your subscription, please log on to your Modalyst account and click Manage Your Plan

Under Manage Your Plan, please select the Hobby Plan. When you select this plan, our system will immediately cancel your active subscription and downgrade you to the Hobby plan.

Please note: you will not be able to re-activate your previous plan without being charged again once you've downgraded/canceled. 

If you have any questions about canceling your subscription, please reach out to us via our live chat -- we will be happy to answer your questions. 

Furthermore, if you have feedback to share, please let us know! We would love to know your thoughts on what we could do better!

To all app users: . Simply uninstalling the Modalyst app in your store will not automatically cancel your subscription. You must also cancel on Modalyst according to the instructions above.

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