How Are Shopify Product Inputs Synced with Modalyst Items?
Updated over a week ago

The table below shows how Shopify Product inputs are synced with Modalyst Items.

1. Shopify Product Inputs

  • Modalyst pulls the stated inputs from Products within Shopify on a per product basis.

2. Modalyst Item Inputs

  • Product info from Shopify flows into the stated inputs on Modalyst.

3. Notes on how inputs are defined

  • This column states how information is pulled from Shopify and translated onto Modalyst.

In most cases, the products will sync seamlessly. If, for any reason, there is an issue, please review the unable to sink question for more information. Once that information is corrected in Shopify, the items will be uploaded and synced onto Modalyst.

All mandatory inputs must be present before an item can be published and available for dropshipping.

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