For various reasons, you may want to place an order on AliExpress manually. If this order is in Pending Orders on Modalyst, you can sync an order which was placed manually on AliExpress with your order on Modalyst. 

Place the order on AliExpress

When you receive an order in your store, it will automatically sync with Modalyst and can be found under Pending Payment. Click on the AliExpress icon beside the title of the item and it will take you directly to the item in AliExpress.

Place an order on AliExpress for the item, entering your customer's information. Then return to the Pending Payment page on Modalyst.

Mark as Ordered

Under the "Order on AliExpress" button, click on the link "Mark as Ordered".

This will open up a pop-up box where you can add the AliExpress Order ID. Once this number is added, the order will be synced with AliExpress. This means that any order status changes will be reflected in Modalyst (Paid, Shipped, etc.). Click on the Add Order ID button to save this information.

Mark as Paid

On that same pop-up, you can also indicate that the order has been paid for in AliExpress by checking the box for "Mark as Paid". 

You may also wish to pay for an order at a later date. When an order is paid for on AliExpress, there is a delay as they verify the payment. If you wish to move the order to Paid on Modalyst faster, you can click on the "Mark as Paid" link below the "Pay on AliExpress" button. This will move the order to the Paid section on Modalyst.

Syncing Courier and Tracking Numbers with Your Store

When an AliExpress order is sent, they send a notification with the tracking info and courier. We automatically sync this information with your account on Modalyst and your store. If you have default settings in place to automatically alert a customer when an order has been shipped, your customer will also receive their notification.

As a back-up, you can also add the courier and tracking information to the order in the Paid section. Then click on "Mark as Fulfilled". This will sync the courier and tracking number with your store and prompt the customer notification, plus move this order to Shipped & Fulfilled on Modalyst. 

You have now placed an order manually on AliExpress and synced the order details with your Modalyst account and your store. 

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