PayPal has changed some of their regulations recently. 

 This means that some PayPal accounts which were able to accept payments before, are now being rejected. The following situations may prevent you from accepting payments through Modayst.  Please look into your account and make sure that the following is set up:

Your PayPal Email Needs to be Confirmed

 Here are instructions on how to confirm your Paypal email:

  - Log into your PayPal account

  - Click "Profile" near the top of the page

  - Click "Update" beside your email

  - Select the email address which you want to confirm

  - Click "Confirm"

  - PayPal will then send you an email with a link to complete the confirmation process


Your ID needs to be verified by PayPal 

 PayPal has introduced a Customer Identification Program. You can learn more here. You must now confirm your identiy with an image of an ID such as your Social Security Number or Driver’s Liscense. 


You need to accept USD Currency (this needs to be added for all accounts to accept payments from international stores)

 Here are instructions on how to accept the USD Currency:

  •   Log into your PayPal account

  •   Go to your Summary page

  •   Click "Currencies"

  •   Click to "Add Currency" to add USD


Your Paypal Account is Restricted

This one is not so obvious to see. We advise checking to ensure that your account is not restricted. This will block all payments.

Here are instructions on how to fix your PayPal account so it is no longer restricted:

  •   Log into your PayPal account

  •   Go to your Resolution Center

  •   Go to Account Limitations

  •   Click "Resolve" beside each step

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