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Packaging and Shipping Policies - Dropship Suppliers
Packaging and Shipping Policies - Dropship Suppliers

This is an article that outlines the packaging and shipping policies followed by dropshipping suppliers on Modalyst.

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The Suppliers on Modalyst agree to the following conditions related to packaging and shipping:

You agree that no independent promotional materials will be included in your packaging (e.g., coupons to buy directly from your site). Only the invoice provided by Modalyst (which can be downloaded from your “Orders” section) is allowed in such packaging.

You further agree that you will honor the “Processing Time” and “Shipping Time” reflected on your Modalyst profile, which can be edited here. Retailers rely on this information to inform their customers so it must be accurate. You acknowledge that you are expected to ship products all year round. If for some reason you are unable to meet your delivery window, you agree that you will contact Modalyst ( in advance.

You agree that you will include the correct return address on the shipping label on the package to the customer to inform the customer of where to return the item if necessary.

The Modalyst Marketplace follows flat rate shipping on a per Supplier basis. Across the Modalyst Marketplace, there is a limit to the shipping costs depending on the region from which the item is being sent. For example, US to US shipping has a limit of $5, plus a max of $0.75 per additional item sent by the same Supplier. Suppliers therefore, can adjust the cost below $5 but cannot exceed $5 for domestic shipping. Any shipping and handling costs must be reasonable in relation to the goods shipped.   You may be exempt from the shipping rate limit due to the weight and size of the items you ship (e.g., furniture and men's shoes).   Please note the shipping cost in the "Item Detail" page of each item. Retailers are required to pay the stated shipping rate with the cost of goods purchased. Suppliers are not responsible for shipping costs. When the retailer pays for the items, the shipping costs will be automatically added to their invoice. Once the product has been shipped to a customer, Supplier is required to include the tracking number on Modalyst under the record of the purchase order.

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