So long as your store is connected to Modalyst (i.e., our app is installed), the orders you receive on your store for Modalyst products will automatically appear in your Modalyst account. These can be found under Orders.  Once the order appears in Modalyst, you must pay the Supplier via Modalyst to send the order to your customer. 

Please note: the ordering process takes place on the Modalyst app. You will NOT be taken off the platform to pay for the order.

In order to process an order on Modalyst, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your Orders section in your Modalyst account
  2.  Find the order you want to process. The newest orders will include a banner highlighting that they are 'new'. By default, orders are sorted by most recently synced.
  3. Review the order details, including the customer's name and mailing address
  4. Click Purchase Now to pay for the order. You will be directed to a checkout page with the itemized cost of the transaction, including the shipping cost
  5. Click Pay Now to be directed to a page on which you select your payment method. You can submit payment via credit/debit card or Paypal
  6. Select payment method and wait for order confirmation

What happens after you process the order via Modalyst?

Supplier starts to prepare order for shipment - Once you have processed the order, the supplier will be notified to start preparing the order for shipment. If you have any questions about the status of the order, you may email the supplier directly. The supplier's email address is included in the order details in the Orders section. Please be mindful of the processing times when following up with your supplier about the status. 

Supplier ships the order and provides tracking/shipping - As soon as the order is shipped, you will be notified and the Supplier will provide a tracking number and courier information directly on Modalyst. This tracking/shipping will automatically sync to your store and your customer will be notified (based on your email settings on your store). 

Click Purchase Now to start the ordering process

Confirm the order total and click Pay Now to select a payment method

Select a payment method (credit/debit or Paypal account)

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