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Managing your dropshipping products on Modalyst
How to customize products directly on your store
How to customize products directly on your store

Customize products on your store, customize products on Shopify

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How to Customize Products in the Shopify Admin

Once a product is added to your store, it will move to your Sync list and can be customized only in your store's admin. You will not be able to make any adjustments on Modalyst to the product listing.

That said, you will be able to customize the products directly on your store.

You can find all your products on the Products page.

In Shopify, you can edit the following product attributes:

  •  Title

  • Description

  • Product type

  • Vendor

  • Collections

  • Tags

  • Images

  • Variants

  • Website SEO

For example:

Bulk Editing

Some product attributes can be edited in bulk. This can be done via the Bulk Editor. To access the Bulk Editor, click "Edit Products." For additional bulk editing options, click the "Actions" drop-down.

You can also use the export and import function to edit in bulk on Shopify.

To learn more about how to customize products in Shopify, please go here.

Please note:
The following actions should be avoided on Shopify as they will interrupt the product data sync between Shopify and Modalyst:

  • Duplicating a product

  • Adding variants manually

  • Removing variants manually

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