How to customize products on Modalyst
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When you add a product to your Modalyst account, the product attributes will automatically populate to the Import List. These product attributes are created and managed directly by the Supplier, including product images, titles, descriptions, and variants. 

You may elect to leave the product attributes as-is. That said, the most successful sellers usually customize the product listing to make it unique.

Customizing Products in the Import List

After you add a product, you can customize it directly on the Import List. This should be done before syncing the product to your store. 

There are various sections to customize products, such as General, Description, Variants, Pricing, and Media tabs. Each of these offer the opportunity to personalize product information and give it the voice of your store, according to your needs.

To move the product to your store store, click "Add to Store".


In this tab, you can do the following:

  • edit Product title 

  • assign the product to Collections in your store

  • edit Vendor name

For Shopify users, please note that only manually created collections will show in the drop-down for Collections. Automated collections will not sync to Modalyst. Collections, Types and Tags help you organize the products better in your store's admin.


Use the editor to edit product description, add images or insert links if needed. 

If you are a Wix user, you can use Wix's AI Text Generator to write your product descriptions.

To add AI product descriptions, you will first need to sync the product to Wix by adding it to your store. Then go to the Product Page. There by the description box you will see the prompt to Generate AI Text.

You will be asked for some details and then the text will be generated for you to use as the product description.


In the Variants tab, you can edit the following:

  • Variant Image

  • SKU

  • Size

  • Color

Please note: the Inventory is a fixed value that cannot be edited here - it is synced to the supplier's real-time inventory.

You can change the SKU, but they must be unique for each variant. The Size and Color can also be edited so it is consistent throughout your store. For example, S could be changed to Small.

 In this section, you can also de-select the variants that you do not want to sync to your store from the final column, Add to Store.


There is also a pricing tab. In this tab, you can edit your prices.

The Item Cost and Shipping are established and managed by the Supplier. These cannot be adjusted manually by the retailer in this section. If you want to adjust your profit margins, you may do so directly in your Pricing Rules.


In this section, you can de-select the images that you prefer not to sync to your store. Please be advised that you are not able to remove or delete the images altogether. 

Once you are ready with your edits, click on Add to Store and the product will be synced to your store and added to your Sync List on Modalyst.

Once a product is in your store, you can edit it further there. The changes will be synced to Modalyst. Please note that any changes to pricing will "lock" the pricing so we do not update it with any pricing changes by the supplier. Learn more about the Pricing Rules here.

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