Set prices for your products
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Set your Pricing Rules

You can use the Pricing Rules to set prices in bulk for all of your products. You can adjust these Rules in the Pricing Rules section of Modalyst.

Add a product price rule

You can set the price for all products by using a product price rule. There are two types of product price rules:

  • Multiplied Markup - multiplies the item cost by the number you specify. For example, a product with an item cost of $5.00 with a multiplier of 2.0 is priced at $10.00 in your store.

  • Added Markup - adds a fixed amount to the item cost. For example, a product with an item cost of $5.00 with an added markup of $8.00 is priced at $13.00 in your store.


  1. From your Modalyst dashboard, go to Pricing Rules.

  2. Click the Pricing Rules and select the Inventory Source (e.g., Trendy, Affordable) whose prices you want to review/edit 

  3. Review the input values. Please note: If you are reviewing the Pricing Rules for the first time, the inputs are default values populated by Modalyst.) You should feel free to edit these values. 

  4. Before editing the values, choose Multiplied Markup or Added Markup and then add a number in the appropriate field

  5. Scroll to the bottom and hit Save Settings

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