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Why does the shipping cost to some regions default to $50?
Why does the shipping cost to some regions default to $50?
Updated over a week ago

The shipping cost pulls in at $50 as a default to notify the Retailer that this particular Supplier is not enabled to ship to that particular region.

Modalyst Suppliers are allowed to enable / disable shipping regions in their account. When viewing the "Shipping Rates" tab within an item detail page, you will see the rates that are associated with your store's location in order to provide an understanding of what the shipping costs will be. 

However, please click "See All Destinations and Shipping Costs" link to see if there are any regions they are not shipping to. 

If you receive an order from a customer located in a disabled region, our system will automatically pull in $50 as the cost for shipping as a way to alert the Retailer / Supplier that this is disabled region. 

What do I do if I see $50 as my shipping cost?

Please do not pay for the order. First, contact Modalyst at and we will provide the contact detail for the Supplier. It is always worth asking if the Supplier is willing to ship to that location. If so, the Supplier has the ability to edit the shipping cost within their account. They can only edit the shipping cost before the order is paid for so please reach out to them before paying. 

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