What is the Sync List?
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The Sync List is a tool which allows you to track and filter for products which are currently published on your store. If your store is synced to Modalyst, all of these products:

  • Continually have pricing and inventory updated to make sure that you are in-line with the supplier and never sell a product which is out of stock

  • Orders are synced with Modalyst, including all product details

  • Tracking information is synced back to your store when the supplier fulfills an order

Within the Sync List you can do the following:

Search for Products
This allows you to easily search for products by keyword

Sort Products
This allows you to sort your products by Recently Added, Recently Modified, and Alphabetical.

Set Products up for Auto-Price Update

Set up prices to be linked to the supplier. When they update their pricing, your retail price is also updated following your Pricing Rules. If you disable this, prices will be locked and not updated when suppliers change their prices.

Export to CSV format
This allows you to export your product data into a CSV file. 

Remove Products from Store

You can easily adjust your store's products from Modalyst. Products can be removed one-by-one or in bulk.

View Product Details

Review all the original product details within the Modalyst Marketplace or on Alibaba / AliExpress (when applicable).

View Product in Store
This button directs you the product in your store's admin panel.

Review Pricing

See the Item Cost, Retail Price, and potential profit per product.

Move Products to the Import List to Edit Product

Do you want to further edit your product? You can edit variants, selected imagery, and product details within Modalyst within the Import List. Opt to move products one-by-one or in bulk.

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