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Can I edit the shipping rate under Pricing Rules?
Can I edit the shipping rate under Pricing Rules?
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You are not able to edit the shipping rate - this is a cost set by the supplier and represents the cost to send the product to your customer.

However, you do have some controls over the shipping costs which are paid by the customer to help offset shipping costs increase profit margins.

Add the Cost of Shipping to the Price of the Product

You can select to automatically add the cost of shipping to the price of the product. This allows you to offer easily offer free shipping without it affecting margins.

For example:

Product Cost: $10

Multiplied Markup: 3x

Add Cost of Shipping: $5

Total Cost for Customer: $35

You Owe Supplier: $15 ($10 for product + $5 for shipping)

Profit: $20 ($35 paid by customer - $15 owed to supplier)

If shipping was not included in the product cost, your profit would be $5 less since they did not pay for the shipping cost in the price of the product. You can also add a standard shipping rate for your store within Wix or Shopify to cover this cost.

Please note, this will automatically add the shipping rate from the supplier’s location to your store’s location.

Override Shipping Rate

You may select to override the suppliers' cost of shipping with a different amount. This gives you the option to increase or decrease the shipping rate while offering free shipping to your customers in your store. This amount will override the shipping rate for all items. The same rate will be applied to both domestic and international suppliers. The shipping rate override is only applied when you have selected to "ADD" the shipping rate to the item price.

For example:

Supplier Shipping Rate: $5

Override Shipping Rate: $10

This means that $10 will be added to the Product Cost, not $5, allowing an extra profit on shipping.

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