How to Adjust My Pricing Rules
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When setting your Pricing Rules, you can now automatically adjust the price of ALL your products by applying either a Multiplied Markup or an Added Markup

Please note:  
Pricing Rules adjustments, such as increasing the multiplied markup from 2x to 3x, apply only to products added AFTER the rules are adjusted and saved by you. In effect, any products added beforehand will not be subject to these rules. 

If you want to adjust the pricing for products added beforehand (i.e., products in your Import List or Sync List), then you may do so on a per product basis here: Import List > Pricing & Profit.

These rules can be applied to products imported from and our Modalyst Marketplace. This is important to note because historically products from the Modalyst marketplace could not be marked up directly on Modalyst.

Visual: How/Where to adjust your Pricing Rules

Below is a screenshot of the pricing rules. Please note the difference between Product Compare at Price and Product Price. 

While the Pricing Rules apply in the same way for and Modalyst Marketplace products, there is one slight difference in the default markup values for Product Compare at Price and Product Price between the two sections.

Why is 1.67 the default Multiplied Markup for Modalyst Marketplace Products? For Modalyst Marketplace products, the suggested price increase for both Product Compare at Price and Product Price is set to 1.67. This multiplier was selected intentionally to align with the Suggested Retail Price provided by the supplier on Modalyst.  The Suggested Retail Price is consistent with the pricing they use to sell their own products. That said, please feel free to adjust the 1.67 to something else to achieve the margins you are looking for.

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