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How to communicate with your suppliers
How to communicate with your suppliers
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Modalyst is one of the only dropshipping platforms that offers direct communication with your Suppliers. You are able to communicate with Suppliers directly through our platform via our Inbox or externally via email.

If you are looking to contact your supplier about an order or receive more information about a product the supplier offers on Modalyst, please follow the guidelines below.

Ways to communicate with Supplier on Modalyst:

  • Modalyst Inbox section 

  • Modalyst Orders page 

Message supplier from the Modalyst Inbox

Go to your Inbox and click the "Compose" button

And start typing in the name of the supplier. So long as you have the Supplier's products in your Import List/Sync list and are a paying member, the contact information of the Supplier will autofill into the field.

Message Supplier through Orders page (either via email or the Message the Supplier button)

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