How do I stop dropshipping particular items?

How to hide products on Modalyst

Updated over a week ago

You have full control over the products which you wish to sell on Modalyst. If you no longer want to list a product to sell, you can do the following:

  1. Go to My Products

  2. See the list of products which you currently have listed. Make sure to set the filter to "Published" or "Published and Unpublished Products."

  3. On the far right column, you will see a toggle for Publish. If you wish to de-list a product, move the toggle to the left so it is grey. The product will be removed from the marketplace and your retailer's stores

You can also publish or unpublish products in bulk by selecting the checkbox on the left and then clicking on the action that you want to take at the top of the listings.

Please note that unpublishing an active item will automatically remove it from all retailer's stores. This could have an impact on your sales potential as well as their marketing campaigns. It is always good to keep in touch with your retailers about large changes that you are making to available products.

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