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What is dropshipping?
Updated over a week ago

Dropshipping is a fantastic way for online businesses to sell products without the need to invest in upfront inventory or handle warehousing themselves. It's a popular choice for eCommerce entrepreneurs, especially those using platforms like Shopify, Wix, and others, due to its ease of setup and minimal risk.

When you run a dropshipping business, your products are sourced from suppliers who handle order fulfillment on your behalf. These suppliers can be manufacturers, warehouses, or even individuals creating products at home.

Platforms like Modalyst provide a direct connection to these suppliers, simplifying the process of finding and listing products on your online store. You can easily discover Modalyst on the Shopify App Store or Wix App Market.

Before diving into dropshipping, it's crucial to have a clear understanding of how it operates, its advantages and disadvantages, and the order and product workflow. This knowledge will help you make informed decisions and ensure a successful dropshipping venture for your online business.

Dropshipping offers flexibility and scalability, making it an attractive option for eCommerce entrepreneurs. It's a business model that empowers you to focus on what you do best – marketing and customer service – while leaving the logistics to your trusted suppliers. If you're ready to explore this exciting eCommerce strategy, you're on the right path to growing your online business.

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