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How does the Modalyst app compare to other dropshipping solutions?
How does the Modalyst app compare to other dropshipping solutions?

How does Modalyst compare to other dropshipping apps

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​Modalyst is an open marketplace for suppliers and retailers.
We curate our supplier applicants, selecting the best brands amongst hundreds which apply each month. We vet these suppliers to ensure that they are reliable and fulfill orders in the time which they specify. If suppliers do not meet our standards, they are no longer welcome on the platform.

Vetted network of reliable suppliers from across the world

  • Not Chinese manufacturers from AliExpress

High Quality Products

  • Our suppliers are brands. They take pride in what they produce.

Differentiated assortment

  • A unique assortment of products creates a loyal customer base. Additionally, because the items are are more unique, money spent on marketing goes further

Direct communication with Suppliers & Retailers

  • Retailers can reach out to suppliers to ask questions about the brand, product details, and make special requests

Pre-negotiated contracts - commission split & shipping/return policy all predefined for easy onboarding

  • All suppliers have agreed to our policies - making it fast and easy to add products to your store without negotiating contracts one-by-one

Marketing Assets

  • Many of the suppliers create ad campaigns and lookbooks. They are happy to share their beautiful imagery with retailers to market their items

Free Shipping / Flat Rate Shipping

  • Select suppliers offer free shipping on domestic and/or international orders. This enable retailers to offer free shipping without it impacting margins. All others follow our flat rate shipping policy.

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