What is a Retailer? Supplier?
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Not sure if you are a retailer or supplier? This should help explain the account that best suits your needs:


  • You are currently looking to expand your inventory by adding products from other designers to your e-commerce store

  • You plan to sell your products directly to your customers

  • You don't have any inventory on hand, but plan to sell to your customers using dropshipping from other brands.


  • You have your own line of products that you are looking to dropship

  • You joined Modalyst to sell and expand the reach of your products

  • You have inventory on hand and are ready to begin taking orders.ย 

Still unsure? E-mail us at support@modalyst.co and we will help you choose the correct account.

Did you sign up for the wrong account accidentally? See how you can fix it here: How to change account type

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