How to import products
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Go to the "Search page" to find anything for your store

The Search page allows you to find specific items according to the search term you use. If you don't have a specific category in mind, you can click the "Search" button. Doing so will take you to the all products view.

The All Products page will include all results from the different suppliers on our Marketplace. 

As a friendly reminder, we have 3 main sources of inventory: Name Brands, Indie Brands, and Trendy Brands.

Click "Add to Import List" to add a product to your Import List on Modalyst. 

Adding a product to your Import List allows you to customize the product listing before syncing it with your store. The product listing is typically fine as is but some users prefer to edit the listing (e.g., product title) or make it unique, helping to increase its visibility on Google Search.

The product will then appear in your "Import List". 

Here, you can make changes to your product before it goes live in your store. 

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