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Can You Tell me More About Your Suppliers?
Can You Tell me More About Your Suppliers?
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At Modalyst, we are proud to support independent designers and brands that are creating their own high quality products. None of our Suppliers are wholesalers! They are located all over the globe and provide their own unique products to our marketplace that you can start dropshipping instantly.

Do you check out the suppliers beforehand to ensure their quality?

Yes absolutely! All of our suppliers must first submit their catalogues for approval after which our Brand manager will get in touch with them. Only if we are sure they are ready to meet our standards for quality, responsiveness and reliability do we approve their collection after which you can add their products to your store. If a supplier consistently misses our standard of quality, we no longer work with their products.

Can I get in touch with all of the suppliers?

Yes, as a retailer you can message a supplier if you require anything specific from them. Please remember, however, that since they are working hard to fulfill orders and answer queries specific to orders, it may be best to only message them when absolutely necessary to guarantee a quick response and resolution.

The price range for these products seem higher than other dropshipping suppliers, like those on AliExpress. Why is that the case?

All of our suppliers design and sell their own products. This guarantees a much higher standard of quality, as well as exclusivity compared to suppliers that are simply selling wholesale goods.

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