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Can You Tell Me More About Real-Time Inventory Sync?
Can You Tell Me More About Real-Time Inventory Sync?
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With Modalyst, once a product is added to your store all information about that product including inventory levels, imagery, product descriptions and pricing are automatically synced and updated in real-time. This way, any updates made by suppliers to their products will be reflected onto your website in real-time automating many of the more tedious aspects of dropshipping with multiple suppliers.

Can I make changes to product details? Will those changes be overwritten if the supplier makes a change to the product?

Yes and No. Once you’ve added a product to your website you can change any product details, including the item description, imagery and pricing. Once changed, we lock those fields so if the supplier makes changes to those fields it will not overwrite any work you have done on those products. To keep you up to date, we send out a daily e-mail outlining changes made by any of your Suppliers to their products so you can choose to make those changes to your product if you so wish.

Some products have a low inventory number, is it safe to add them to my website?

Yes! Real-time inventory sync means that inventory numbers are updated as soon as any change takes place. If a product goes out of stock, that information will be reflected on your website instantly and your customer will be unable to purchase it.

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