Modalyst does not handle customs and duties within our platform. Customs and duties are handled by the end consumer at the time of the purchase.

Depending on the location of where your item is being received, here are some resources that might help you determining customs and taxes.

The table below is simply a quick reference. We do suggest you click the links provided below for more specific information about Customs Laws for different regions. All prices are converted to U.S. Dollars.

* CBP assesses the necessary duty rates using a system called Harmonized Tariff Rate. These rates can be found here: and vary from product to product, and location from which the items are arriving.

**For the UK, you can calculate VAT rates here:

VAT is charged on the total value, including:

  • the price paid for the goods

  • postage, packaging and insurance

  • any duty you owe

For Customs duty in the UK, the value includes:

  • the price paid for the goods

  • postage, packaging and insurance

For questions about the rate at which Customs Duty is calculated for goods above $176.88 you have to call the helpline at 0300 200 3700. They are open from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday (GMT+1)

*** You will be sent a First Notice by Australia Post if you have imported goods with a declared or assessed value of more than AUD1000. In this case, you will need to lodge an import declaration to Australian customs for the goods. The declaration will be assessed for duty, GST and Wine Equalisation Tax (if applicable).  After you have lodged your import declaration, Australian customs will advise you of the amount you need to pay before your goods will be delivered to you.

**** If you owe duty and tax, it will be indicated on Form E14, CBSA Postal Import Form, which will be attached to your mail item when it is delivered. HST and PST taxes for goods over the value of $15.22 are dependent on the Canadian province your goods are being sent to. This information can be found here: If your item

***** For items above $165, Customs duty is calculated as a percentage of the customs value of the goods. The customs value is made up of:

  • The price paid for the goods,

  • The insurance cost,

  • The shipping cost.

This rate varies from region to region, and you can calculate this price here :

The import VAT is calculated as a percentage (VAT rate) of the taxable amount. This rate is the one applicable in the country where the goods are being delivered. You can calculate this rate here:

****** For more information about Customs duty and VAT rates of shipping to Spain, refer to this webpage:

******* For more information about Singapore Customs and Duty laws, refer to this webpage:

******** For more information about Israel Customs and Duty laws, refer to this webpage

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