How do returns work on Modalyst?
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Suppliers on Modalyst follow a 14-day return policy for undamaged / unworn goods. This means the item must be returned to the supplier within 14 days of the time it is received by the end customer.

In general, you (or your customer), is responsible for the shipping cost of the return.ย 

When a customer requests a return from your site, you can instruct them to return the item directly back to the supplier (suggested, due to speed), or to yourself where you would be responsible for the return. Please follow the below steps to complete a return:

  1. Retailer messages Supplier to confirm correct return address

  2. Customer sends product back to supplier within 14 days

  3. Supplier receives product in good condition

  4. Supplier logs into Modalyst >Orders > Shipped and Completed > locates Paypal email and Transaction ID

  5. Supplier logs into Paypal and uses Paypal email and Transaction ID to locate the transaction

  6. Suppliers clicks "issue refund" and the Item Cost, transaction fees and shipping fees are refunded to the Retailer.

  7. Supplier emails to request transaction fees be refunded.

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