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Do suppliers offer personalized or customized packaging?
Do suppliers offer personalized or customized packaging?

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Updated over a week ago

At this point, personalized packaging is not a service our suppliers offer. They will ship in neutral packaging and follow blind shipping standards. For more information on Supplier requirements, please follow this link to our Supplier Agreement. However, they do not specialize in sending orders with your packaging included. 

That said, you should feel free to email or message your suppliers about this once you establish a relationship on the platform. Our recommendation is to wait until you generate a few orders for the Supplier. Generating orders is a great way to build trust and create incentives in the relationship between you and the Supplier.

Please note: If the Supplier is not able to accommodate your request, you can have the Supplier send the order directly to you and then you can send it along to your customer once you've repackaged it to your liking.

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