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Modalyst Features
Modalyst Features
Features on the Modalyst dropshipping platform
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Modalyst is a dropshipping platform for ecommerce businesses that has tons of compelling features to help you convert your store into a successful dropshipping business.

Marketplace of Dropshipping Suppliers

Modalyst has thousands of dropship suppliers on its marketplace. From indie brands to private label manufacturers, you’ll find exactly what you need. Modalyst makes it easy to discover reliable suppliers and profitable products to sell online. It used to take 38 days to onboard a new supplier and products to your store and now with Modalyst it takes just a single click.

Catalog of Dropshipping products

Modalyst has millions of dropshipping products to choose from. Add products to your store in a single click. Sell on your store without the hassle of owning any inventory or fulfilling orders yourself.

Unlimited Potential

Choose as many products as your bandwidth allows. There is no such thing as shelf space in the virtual world!

 Products Sent Directly to Your Customers

All orders are sent directly from the brand to your customer unless otherwise specified. That means you don't need to handle shipping and logistics.

Send Products for In-Store Pick-up

Want your customer to pick up an item in your store? It's the perfect opportunity to upsell or cross-merchandise. Just check the box to have the product sent to your store instead.

Shipping Status Updates

Modalyst automatically updates you as the brands fill out their shipping status, including courier name, tracking info, and tracking links.

Customize Your Product Listings

Arrange Products into Lists for Easy Export

Select products for your ecommerce shop and arrange them into lists to easily export based on categories and themes.

Source an Unlimited Amount of Products per Brand

Add as many products as you would like to your inventory lists. There are no limitations to exports.

Easily Swap Products In-and-Out of Lists

Want to change up your curation? No problem! Switching products is just a few clicks away.

Order Fulfillment and Management

Organize Dropshipping Orders in One Central Portal

It's never been so easy to order from multiple brands on one platform. Manager orders, conversations, lists, and payments on one platform.

Digital Purchase Orders

Every item automatically flows through the Order Management Tool, with automatically created Purchase Orders. No more paperwork.

Bulk Export Your Products to Your Storefront

Formatted Product Lists

Selling to Amazon, eBay, Squarespace, Volution or other marketplaces and shopping carts? Exported lists are pre-set in each format to be easily uploaded onto each ecommerce platform.

Easily Export Lists

Exporting lists is fast and easy. Click!

Sell Products Across Multiple Platforms

Why put your eggs in one basket? Curate your favorite products across multiple platforms. Afterall, your Shopify customers are most likely attracted to different products than your eBay store.

Integrations with Ecommerce Platforms

Modalyst integrates with the world’s largest ecommerce platforms and website builders. From Wix to Shopify, Modalyst can connect directly to your store, automating inventory data, orders, and notifications to your customers. 

Single click Importing

Source and sell. With our Shopify App and BigCommerce App, it is literally one click away. Once the app is installed, add any item to your store with a singular click. Could it be any easier?!

Use your Personal Domain

With Shopify and BigCommerce, personalize your storefront with your own domain name, theme, and be mobile ready. All you need are awesome products!

Real-time Information

Notifications on Inventory Levels

When a product has a low inventory count, all retailers selling that product are automatically informed.

Product data Updates

All details including pricing, descriptions, imagery, and stock levels are automatically updated in real-time on Shopify, and through .csv for all others.

Communication Tools

Unlimited Inbound Messages

Go ahead, don't be shy. Chat with brands to understand their background and products better. We do not limit the amount of communication retailers can have with Suppliers.

Modalyst Customer Support

Live Chat Support
Got a question? We're available 7 days a week from 8 am to 6pm Eastern Time.

Email Support
Prefer to send us a note via email? If so, please address your emails to and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours

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