Where Should I Manage My Stock? Shopify or Modalyst?
Updated over a week ago

It is very important to note that your Shopify store is Master of Stock.

Any updates to products and/or variants in Shopify will update the item and item variants in Modalyst.

This means that Shopify controls your available inventory quantities, as well as product info. Any adjustments made to products must be made on Shopify, which will then be reflected in Modalyst.

Some examples of this are:

You unpublish an item on Modalyst

  • This will unpublish it on Modalyst only

  • The item will remain published on Shopify

You receive an order on Modalyst

  • The order information will be synced with Shopify and correctly accounted for on both systems

You receive an order on Shopify

  • The inventory quantity will be correctly accounted for on both systems

You change the price of a product on Shopify

  • The price change will be reflected on Modalyst

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