I Am a Supplier. How Do I End My Subscription?
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We value all of our suppliers and hate to see anyone leave. However, we understand when business needs change.

To cancel your subscription, you must submit a cancellation request to team@modalyst.co. Please note that simply uninstalling the Modalyst app in Shopify will not automatically cancel your subscription and remove your products from the marketplace nor from retailer's stores.

We require advance notification of at least 3 weeks for an account to be removed.


Each of your retailers has spent time sourcing, adjusting, and marketing your products. We give them advance notification that your account will be removed so they have time to find replacements with another brand and remove any marketing which they may be paying for to promote and sell your products.

Before a brand is removed, all paid orders must be fulfilled.

We require that all orders are fulfilled before we close an account. If an order is received during the 3-week notification period, we still require that order to be fulfilled.

When your brand is removed, the following will happen:

  • inventory is changed to 0 in a store's account so they can no longer sell the products

  • they will be automatically removed from their stores after 30 days

We value your feedback and would love to understand why you've decided to close your account and what we can do better!

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