What Are the Requirements for Becoming a Supplier on Modalyst?
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We have recently tightened our requirements to join our marketplace to ensure all suppliers listed can provide the best possible dropshipping experience for our retailers. This is an exclusive, curated group of suppliers that must meet the following requirements:

1. You ship your products (or a warehouse ships them for you). You have control over your inventory and the stock available.

2. You can guarantee products are processed and delivered within the stated delivery times which you have selected. If you have any delays, it is the responsibility of the supplier to inform the retailer about such delay.

3. You can guarantee blind shipping - no branded invoices, no promotional material included. This is a hard and strict rule.

4. You understand that the price you receive for the products is 40% off the MSRP you currently have listed on Modalyst. That is standard and can not be changed.

5. The language of your products is in English. At the moment, product titles, descriptions, and variants must all be in English. We will introduce additional languages in the future.

By applying to Modalyst, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

Representing your Brand

  • Photographs of products must be original with no watermarks or text. They are encouraged to be high res and on white background as this attracts more retailers. For suggested dimensions, please see our Help Center Page.

  • If you are selling apparel, we strongly recommend that you add a sizing chart to each product so retailers understand the size accurately and can represent it well on their site.

  • Your profile description honestly and accurately represents your brand

  • Your product descriptions are detailed, honest and accurate.

Consistent and Fair Pricing

  • The retail prices listed in the marketplace are consistent across all your sales channels (including your own ecommerce site). Our data shows this will maximize sales and visibility across the marketplace. 

Appropriate Packaging & Shipping

  • No promotional materials are included in your packaging (e.g. coupons to buy directly from your site, discount codes, vouchers, etc). Only the Modalyst Invoice (downloaded from your “Orders” section) is allowed. This is a very strict rule and puts your account at risk of being removed if it is not followed.

  • You will honor the “Processing Time” and “Shipping Time” reflected on your Modalyst profile. Retailers rely on this information to inform their customers so it must be accurate. You can edit them here.

  • You are expected to ship products all year round. If for some reason you are unable to meet your delivery window, you must update your Shipping settings & contact Modalyst (team@modalyst.co) in advance.

  • The correct return address is included on the shipping label to inform the customer of where to return the item if necessary. 

Return Policy

  • You are expected to follow a 14-day return policy. This means you accept items up to 14-days after they are received by the customer. 

  • Find details on our Return Policy here

Prompt Communication with Retailers

Communication is key to success. If a supplier does not respond to retailers' inquiries, their account is at risk of being removed from Modalyst. This is something that we take very very seriously.

  • Messages regarding orders are required to be addressed within 1 - 2 business days. Retailers expect you to answer any questions / concerns promptly so they can communicate with their customers.

  • Messages from Retailers about other matters are encouraged to be addressed as soon as possible. Suppliers who respond quickly to messages on average perform better in the marketplace. 

Modalyst does not accept…

Suppliers that offer the following products are not permitted on the marketplace:

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Drug Paraphernalia 

  • Sexually oriented items

  • Counterfeit or unauthorized goods

  • Gambling

  • Intellectual property or proprietary rights infringement

  • Regulated or illegal products or services

Please be aware that our retailers may flag and report to our audit team when any listing appears to violate our Supplier terms and conditions. Modalyst also reserves the right to remove any listings that violate our policies, and may suspend or terminate your account for any violations. 

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