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I'm a Supplier. How Are Shipping Costs Calculated?
Updated over a week ago

Shipping costs are calculated based on the cost of shipping from your location to the retailer's customer. 

For example, if both you and the retailer are located in the U.S. but his/her customer is located in Spain, the shipping cost would reflect the U.S. to Spain rate.

Similarly, if the retailer is located U.K. but both you and his/her customer are located in the U.S., the shipping cost would reflect the U.S. to U.S. domestic rate. 

In general, domestic rates are priced at $5 or less. International rates are priced $15 or less.

Suppliers input the shipping rates from their warehouse to each country or region. We have a maximum shipping rate per region and suggest that you work within the parameters provided. Lower shipping rates attract more retailers.

There is also a rate requested for each additional item added to an order. For example, if you receive an order for 2 t-shirts sent from the US to the US, the max shipping rate would be $5 for the first t-shirt and $0.75 for each additional item in the same package.

While we have fixed rates, we are open to making exceptions for heavier items (like furniture, home goods, etc.). Please reach out to us at to see if your products qualify for an exception.

For more detailed information on how shipping is calculated and the differences per region go here.

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