How do I manage my Shipping details?
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When a supplier receives an order, they must prepare and ship the order to a customer. On Modalyst, we define this as the "Processing Time" and the "Shipping TIme."

The Processing time is the time that it takes to prepare an order for delivery. As products are already in stock, we expect this to be the shortest time possible - ideally 1 - 2 business days. However, for handcrafted items or orders which take longer to prepare, we do have longer times which can be specified.

We also have the option for you to leave information about your shipping. This is communicated to the retailer and helps them keep their customers informed. This is where you add details such as, "I only ship to the continental US" or "The pandemic has caused delays - please expect x additional days for delivery" or "We value your business and will prepare your package as soon as possible." Let retailers know the details of your order preparation and courier so they feel confident in working with you.

Your Delivery Times and cost are set within the Shipping Destinations section.

Your shipping times and costs are determined by you and your courier. We strongly suggest having the shortest shipping time with the most economical option available. Retailers want their customers to receive their orders as soon as possible to compete with larger stores. Ideally, shipping is between 1 - 2 business days.

We understand that these are still pandemic times and shipping has taken a hit on delivery times and costs. Please select the time Shipping Time which makes the most sense for your business. If needed, you can always adjust the times which are stated and leave a note within the Shipping Details box.

Sending Tracking & Courier information

After you have prepared the order, you then need to ship it. Once you enter the tracking and courier information into your system, we will sync it with your retailer if you are connected through our Shopify App or the Supplier API. This will automatically send an order confirmation to the retailer and to their customer. It will also move your order to Fulfilled. It is important that the tracking and courier information is accurate.

If you want to manually enter your tracking information, you can do so within the order itself.

You will then be prompted to add the courier, tracking, and estimated delivery time.

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