How Should I Package My Item for Dropshipping?
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All orders should look and feel like they are sent from a retailer's store directly.

How do we achieve this goal together?

Modalyst has a standardized packing slip for you to print out and include in the package to the customer. The packing slip can be downloaded from each order. It is required that this invoice is included in the package.

Why is this packing slip important?

The retailers have worked hard to source your products, market them, and sell them to their customers. This packing slip is an important part of the branded experience that they are creating to earn and retain their customers.

Most packing slips also include a personal note to the customer, which is another important touch point and relationship builder between the retailer and their customer. This also helps repeat orders of your products.

When you send an order, it is important to add this packing slip. We DO NOT allow suppliers to add personal messages, coupons, discount codes, nor fliers to the order. This is a strict rule which we require suppliers to follow. Suppliers who add these details to orders risk being removed from Modalyst.

In the end, the order must look like it is sent from a retailer's store directly.

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