How can I keep track of the retailers dropshipping my products?
Updated over a week ago

We have a dropshipping dashboard on Modalyst which enables you to track the retailers dropshipping your products called "My retailers".

Each day, retailer may start dropshipping your products by adding them to their favorites (which we call the Import List) or adding them to their store. We send you a daily email listing the retailers which have started working with your products.

Additionally, in "My retailers" you can learn more about each retailer's interest such as:

  1. the name of the store

  2. the country where their customers are located

  3. a link to email them through the Modalyst Inbox and start a relationship with them

  4. the number of products which they have in their store and in their Import List

  5. the total value of their orders with you

  6. the total number of orders which you have received from each retailer

You also have the option to sort the retailers in a way which is most convenient to you, such as A-Z, the number of products in their store, the total value of paid orders, and the number of orders.

We encourage reaching out to your retailers and messaging them. This helps develop a long-term relationship for them to continue selling your products.

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