As soon as a store starts dropshipping your products, the line of communication is open. You can now message the retailer as much as you would like, which we encourage. This is a great opportunity for you as a supplier to introduce yourself to the retailer. Message the retailer to say thanks, and ask if they have any questions about your products!

There are a few ways which you can start a message to a retailer:

Directly from an Order

When you receive payment for an order, it will appear in Paid & pending fulfillment within the Orders section. From here, you will see the icon to Email retailer. This will open up a message in the Modalyst Inbox with the retailer's info filled in so you can start a conversation with them. The retailer will receive the message in their Modalyst Inbox, as well as in their email address associated with this account.

From the "My retailers" section

Within the "My retailers" section, you can also see the Email retailer icon. This will also open a message in the Modalyst Inbox with the retailer's information filled in so you can message them directly.

From the Inbox directly

You can also click on the Inbox section in the purple left nav. This will open the Inbox. Click on Compose and start typing in the name of the store. We will autopopulate a pick-list for you to select the retailer which you want to message.

We encourage you to start the line of communication with your retailers to build long-lasting relationships and increase sales.

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