Can I Curate the Ecommerce Retailers I Work With?
Updated over a week ago

While most suppliers see tremendous value in working with as many cool, unique ecommerce retailers as possible, some want to curate the retailers and only work with a few. Please note that working with a large amount of retailers dramatically increases market exposure globally and increases sales potential. That said, you are able to accept or decline an ecommerce retailer.

Should you decide to not work with a specific retailer, you may block the dropshipping relationship. First, go to the "My retailers" section. On the right, there is a column listed as "Block". Click on the toggle and it will move it to the right and signal that you are blocking the retailer.

You will then see a pop-up which asks you to confirm this action:

Please note that this is a pretty aggressive action to take against a retailer, especially one which is already selling your products. It is best to clearly inform the retailer that you will be ending the dropshipping relationship and why you have made this decision. Please reach out to the retailer through the Modalyst Inbox before blocking them.

Blocking a retailer will immediately remove the products from their store and their Import List.

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