What Kind of Engagement Can I Expect with Modalyst?
Updated over a week ago

Our network of retailers is growing daily, giving suppliers even more exposure to cool and hard-to-reach stores without any additional work. You can expect very high engagement with retailers. In fact, 90% of our suppliers gain new dropshipping retailers every single week!

We have filters highlighting new suppliers, so retailers are aware when we have new brands and new products in the marketplace. They can also easily sort for suppliers which they already have relationships with on Modalyst.

Please keep in mind that retailers have various actions which they need to take for them to get started and scale their business. This includes setting up their store, curating products, editing product information to have the unique spirit of their store, and marketing everything to customers. We suggest developing a good relationship with your retailers throughout this process to help them promote your products.

Have you had success with influencers, magazines, or press? Share those stories! Do you have marketing images or lookbooks? Share the images so the retailers can also use them in their ad campaigns. This will help them set up ad campaigns and create a consistent message with your brand.

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