As a Supplier, how do I update inventory on Modalyst?
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When you first start with Modalyst, we have a Dashboard which walks you through the process of getting started and adding your products.

The first step is to "Add your products" to Modalyst. We have 3 options for you.

  1. User our 5-star-rated Shopify App for Suppliers. This is our most popular way to add products - and that's no surprise! In just a few clicks, we can start syncing your products to Modalyst including images, descriptions, stock levels, and pricing. We keep everything updated in real-time with Shopify so you never need to update anything in Modalyst. When you receive an order, this will also sync with Shopify and you can even add your courier and tracking information in Shopify directly, which will sync with Modalyst and your retailers.

  2. For larger brands with more than 5,000 products, we recommend connecting through our Supplier API. Our API will connect directly with your internal inventory management system. All systems can connect to Modalyst, giving any brand the opportunity to sell on Modalyst. This is a very popular choice amongst our large suppliers, as everything is automated such as product info, adding additional products, category assignment, order tracking, and shipping information.

  3. Add Product Manually. Easily add products manually directly in the My Products section. It is a fast, easy, and intuitive process. However, you will also need to update products manually, as they are not linked to an inventory management system like our Shopify App for Suppliers or our Suppliers API.

If you still have remaining questions on how to connect to Modalyst and keep your inventory updated, please reach out to us at We are always here for you.

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