If you are not using the Shopify/BigCommerce app, or for any other reason wish to place an order manually through Modalyst, you can do so easily following these steps:

In order to place a manual order, please use this link: www.modalyst.co/explore

(This link will direct you to our old design which includes the functionality for placing manual orders.)

  1.  Find the product you wish to purchase and add it to your Import List if you haven't done so already

2. Refresh the page

3. You should now see a new option that says "Purchase Dropship Item", click on it

4. Choose the option you wish to purchase

5. Type in the shipping details

6. The order will now be ready for payment. You can find it here: Pending Dropshipping Orders

Once you've paid for the order, the Supplier will ship it directly to the address you input while placing the order.

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