Modalyst introduced our Print on Demand Program to enable retailers to personalize their stores and build upon their branding.

Once you have images with your graphics on it, how do you add them to your store?

  1. Select the product which you want to sell

If you are selling womens t-shirts, add a womens t-shirt to your store. Make sure to select the style of t-shirt that you want to sell.

Here are a few examples of womens t-shirts:

2. Add them to your Import List

2. Once an item is added to the Import List, you can edit the product details

Change the title, names of the variants, and the product description to reference the product that you want to sell.

You do not change the main image nor variant images in Modalyst. Those will be changed in your store's admin once you sync the item.

3. Add the product to your store

4. Once the product is in your store, replace the images from the product with the images which were created for you

You can select to have more clean, white background images

You can also have products with backgrounds emphasizing personality types, ages, and atmospheres.

When you receive an order, our Print on Demand partner, Snob Apparel, will print your graphic on the product which you synced to your store and send it directly to your customer. :-)

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